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Zwift Integration


Advantages of getting the Zwift workout files

  • Lifetime access to workouts in your Zwift library - Re-do the workouts by yourself at any time.

  • Visualize the workout with your zones according to your FTP (displayed in watts, YOUR watts) it tells you when to increase or lower the intensity if you go outside the target zone.

  • Use the ERG mode (adjust the resistance automatically for you) for more precision and ease.

* If you don't have a smart trainer, you will need a power meter to display the zones in watts.

* Requires a (paid) subscription to Zwift

Let's ride on the meetup?

Join the Zwift meetup

A meetup will take place for each live session.

To receive the meetup invitation, you must first add me on Zwift (via the Companion App). Note that a maximum of 100 invitations can be sent and that priority will go to participants who have purchased the program and are active.

Didn't receive the invitation? It's ok, you can still follow the session via the live stream, with the workout, on Zwift!

Watch the instructions video below for more information.


Do a workout on Zwift

1 - Import the workouts

1. When I receive your order, I will send you the training session each week, in the form of ZWO files. (If you purchase the program after the beginning of the classes, you will receive all past workouts.)

2. From a computer, you can drag & drop them into the Workout folder inside your the Zwift folder. (Watch the instructional video for the steps in details)

2 - Do the workout in the meetup, during the live session

Launch the Zwift app. Join the MEETUP. Then, once you are IN the meetup (you should see a countdown before the start), click MENU, and select WORKOUTS from the right menu. Imported workouts can be found under the Custom Workouts category.

Select today's workout, BACK, and voilà!


The best way to be in sync with the live session is to join the meetup. The Zwift timer will automatically start at the same time as the session on Youtube.

*You must be pedaling when the countdown reaches 0:00, otherwise your avatar will remain in place and you will be delayed. In this case, choose the timer of your choice to follow the session!

3 - Re-do the sessions on your own,
at any time

Purchasing the program gives you complete flexibility to do the sessions whenever you want. You will have access to the sessions forever!

When you launch the Zwift app, you will find the workouts under WORKOUTS. You can also choose the course you like, then select the workout.

It's not clear? Questions?

Email me, I'm happy to help!

Fall 2023 Program

It's never too late to get started!

Buy the 8 sessions of the Fall 2023 training program.

Do the workout independently on Zwift or along with the replay in the video librairy.

Zwift Program Fall 2023



Programme Zwift Automne 2023

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